Pain is no longer part of the Periods !

With the new Pantysoft® and Pantysoft® Period panties, say goodbye to the pain of menstrual periods thanks to the natural M Inside process integrated into the very heart of our fibers.

Fibranova in a few words

Fibranova is a range of pain relieving textile products designed by the French company P3 Innovation. Thanks to the unique process, developed in France by this company, it is possible to integrate marine minerals with soothing virtues in the very heart of the textile fiber, giving it pain-relieving effects by acting on the pH of intracellular water.

How it works ?

Our fabrics with which our panties are made are the result of unique French technology, combining natural marine minerals with a textile fiber (M-Inside ® process). These minerals have the property of acting on our intracellular water, the site of pain symptoms.

By simple contact with the skin, Fibranova tissue acts directly on the biological quality of the water in the human body and by natural effect acts on pain by modifying the pH of physiological fluids.


Our panties provide analgesic action on pain of inflammatory origin by regulating the acid-base balance of your biological water.

Our panties

Our Pantysoft® pain relieving panties and PantySoft® Period absorbent panties were specially created to treat inflammatory pain. They exist in 3 models.

Effectively relieve the inconvenience of periods of ovulation and menstruation.

Our orthotics

Our pain relieving orthotics effectively relieve your tension, joint pain and inflammation and improve the recovery process after sports.

Our T-Shirts and Leggings

Our pain-relieving t-shirts and leggings effectively relieve your muscle tension, improve cell regeneration and the recovery process after sports.

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