The strengths of our Painkiller and Menstrual Painkillers: PantySoft ® Period

Because our panties are innovative, they have many advantages!

Health corner!

PantySoft® pain relief panties and the only PantySoft® Period pain relief panty are made without any toxic products (silver or metal particles), they allow you to avoid the consumption of disposable chemical protections (tampons or pads). Above all, they will allow you to reduce your pain during menstruation and thus avoid taking medication.

With the simple contact of your skin, our pain relieving panties will take effect after half an hour, or less!


Like the normal PantySoft® panties, the PantySoft® Period has a lifespan of about 5 years, so I will save money since I will no longer spend on purchases of protection (towel, panty liner, tampon, cup). If we consider that my consumption is around 4 tampons / day and 1 sanitary napkin / night, not to mention the panty liners and underwear that I have to throw away because definitely stained and / or damaged, in no time I My purchases of PantySoft® Panties and PantySoft® Period Panties are profitable.

We advise you to order at least 2 panties: one for the day and one for the night.

The ideal is to order 4 so that you can have time to wash them and dry them.


Our advice !

Notre Conseil !

On the security side!

The PantySoft® Period period panty is made with 5 layers for total safety!

The Menstrual Pain Relief Panty: PantySoft® Period has been tested by women with different flow, it is designed to be worn alone, day or night, in case of light, medium and even heavy flow!
Without any contraindication or side effects, our panties are a natural, non-drug alternative to pain treatment. Successive hand or machine washes will not affect the effectiveness of the fabric.

Design side !

Our fabrics are the result of unique French technology, combining natural marine minerals with a textile fiber (M-Inside® process). These minerals have the property of acting on our intracellular water, the site of pain symptoms. The development of this new material makes it possible to obtain a structure with permanent technical properties, the mineral being permanently included in the fiber.

This manufacturing gives it unique characteristics in its use and maintenance:

No limit of effectiveness, the effects of the fiber are limitless and depend just on the care you give to your garment. By simple contact with the skin, Fibranova tissue acts directly on the biological quality of the water in the human body and by natural effect acts on pain by modifying the pH of physiological fluids. Our panties provide analgesic action on pain of inflammatory origin by regulating the acid-base balance of your biological water.

No more painful periods !