Periods painlessly and differently with PantySoft ® period panties

  • ZAvoid taking painkillers
  • ZWashable & reusable ultra-absorbent hygienic protection
  • ZDefinitely replaces the usual protections
  • ZAllows real savings
  • ZZero waste
  • ZZero toxic products

How it works ?

Our fabrics with which our panties are made are the result of unique French technology, combining natural marine minerals with a textile fiber (M-Inside ® process). These minerals have the property of acting on our intracellular water, the site of pain symptoms.

By simple contact with the skin, Fibranova tissue acts directly on the biological quality of the water in the human body and by natural effect acts on pain by modifying the pH of physiological fluids.

Our panties provide analgesic action on pain of inflammatory origin by regulating the acid-base balance of your biological water.

Its conception

The PantySoft ® Period period panty is made with 5 layers for total safety!

The PantySoft® pain relief panties and the unique PantySoft ® Period pain relief panty are made without any toxic products (silver or metal particles), they allow you to avoid the consumption of disposable chemical protections (tampons or pads). Above all, they will allow you to reduce your pain during menstruation and thus avoid taking medication.

We advise you to order at least 2 panties: one for the day and one for the night. The ideal is to order 4 so that you have time to wash and dry them.

Our advise !

Textile medical product tested and approved

Our Fiber has been tested by independent Laboratories Eurofins Dermscan
"Evaluation of the efficacy and skin tolerance of a medicinal textile product"




Has presented an anti-pain effect characterized by: a significant reduction in pain after 30 minutes. An effect was observed after 1 hour in at least 77% of the panel

Overall, improved the quality of life of the panel: in particular no pain treatment (for 91% of people)

Has been very well tolerated on the skin: no person has reported or presented a feeling of intolerance related to wearing the Medico textile product after 2 days of use.

Choose yours!

The original Pantysoft® that started it all.

The new version of Pantysoft®, now absorbent in addition to being pain reliever.