How to take care of your Pantysoft ® pain relief panties or the only PantySoft ® menstrual pain relief panties Period

Because we know you want to be able to use your Pantysoft® Period panties for as long as possible, here are the best ways to care for them.

Regarding washing:

  • Successive hand or machine washes will not affect
    the efficiency of the fabric
  • Your panties or briefs have a lifespan of approximately 5 years (this is
    normal wear and tear of the fabric, the pain relief process is

Here are our tips for hand washing

  • We recommend that you use a non-greasy detergent because otherwise it will tend to clog the pores of the fabric and therefore become less effective in absorption.
  • For easy hand washing, you just need to rub a little, simply insisting on the absorbent part with cold or slightly lukewarm water and your soap (unsuitable hot water).
  • It is advisable to rinse your panties well, always in cold or lukewarm water.
  • Dry your panties in the classic way (do not put in the dryer)

Here are our tips for machine washing

  • Before putting your panties in the machine, it is essential to rinse your panties in cold water.
  • Then put it to wash in the machine with your other clothes, 30 ° recommended (without fabric softener, without stain remover, without bleach).
  • You can simply add a little white vinegar to the fabric softener part of your machine. The ideal will be to slip your panties / briefs in a net to preserve the fibers.
  • It is advisable not to use detergents based on Marseille soap or soap
    black is because they usually contain a lot of glycerin, a fatty agent that, with use, clogs the pores of fibers. If these become blocked, the panties are less absorbent and the leak is guaranteed !
  • Dry your panties in the classic way (do not put in the dryer)
    Be careful with detergent pods, which often contain fabric softener as it saturates the absorbent fibers of your panties.

It is best to use detergent alone.

You now know everything you need to know to maintain your Pantysoft® as long as possible !