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Pantysoft Briefs

PantySoft® painkiller panties effectively relieve the discomfort of ovulation and menstruation. Created especially to treat inflammatory pain. Class 1 Medical Device.

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During its manufacture, the fiber of the fabric receives a special treatment which gives it a unique property: the soothing of painful symptoms triggered by periods or ovulation. These inflammatory pains decrease and disappear quite quickly.
Without contraindication or side effects, PantySoft® is a natural, non-drug alternative for pain treatment.
By simple contact with the skin, Fibranova tissue acts directly on the biological quality of the water in the human body and by natural effect acts on pain by modifying the pH of physiological fluids.
Our panties provide analgesic action on pain of inflammatory origin by regulating the acid-base balance of biological water.

The panty has a lifespan of approximately 5 years.
Successive hand or machine washes will not affect the effectiveness of the fabric.
Class 1 medical device. Clinically tested and validated by Eurofins-DermScan laboratories.
100% polyester mesh, second skin feel. Elastic bias at the waist. Cotton lined bottom.
PantySoft advice: if you are between two sizes, prefer the larger size to be comfortable in your panties.


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