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Fibranova wrist orthosis

The wrist pain reliever effectively relieves your tension, joint pain and inflammation:

carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis, thumb osteoarthritis, wrist sprain…


Descripton du produit

Totally natural device

The ideal solution to all your joint and inflammatory pain in the wrist.

The fabrics of the “Fibranova” range offer several advantages: management of tension, pain, improvement of cell regeneration and accelerated recovery process after sport.

Indications for use : for any joint and muscle discomfort and tensions, even old ones.

Directions for use : To be worn at rest or during sports practice, several hours in a row / day for an optimal effect. It is also possible to keep this orthosis all day or night if you wish, no side effects.

Class 1 medical device. Clinically tested and validated by Eurofins-DermScan laboratories.

Washable at 30 °


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