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Fibranova Leggings

The pain-relieving leggings effectively relieve heavy legs (improving circulation), tension, joint and inflammatory pain and improves the recovery process after sports, from the lower limbs from the hip to the ankle.


Descripton du produit

The fabrics of the “Fibranova” range offer several advantages: management of tension, pain, improvement of cell regeneration and accelerated recovery process after sport.

Indications for use : Joint and muscle discomfort, heavy legs, even old tensions, improved recovery after exertion.

Directions for use :
Wearing the leggings after or during physical exertion promotes the recovery process as well as the accelerated elimination of lactic acid responsible for muscle soreness.

Class 1 medical device. Clinically tested and validated by Eurofins-DermScan laboratories.

Washable at 30 °


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